Why did you create this game?

Fruits and vegetables are some of the best building blocks, nutritionally, for a healthy body. Introducing your child to these foods at a young age and in an entertaining way helps to raise their awareness of them, educates them as to how they grow and encourages them to try new foods. And also because the creator, Jan Wolterman, is one of those 'health food nuts' from the 60's and 70's who just wants all kids to be as healthy as possible.

How many cards are in a Foodles deck?

Foodles contains sixty-seven different fruit and vegetable cards. There are thirty-five fruits, twenty-two vegetables and ten labeled vegetable/fruit because even though most people call these foods a vegetable as related to cooking, their botanical, scientific classification is actually a fruit.

What size are the cards?

The cards measure 2.5 by 3.5 - the size of a regular deck of poker playing cards.

What ages are recommended for playing Foodles?

Foodles is a family friendly game meaning there's fun to be found here for everyone. The goal is to raise awareness of all the wonderful fruits and vegetables for us to include in our daily diet. Use Foodles as flash cards for toddlers to introduce them to these fun food friends. Pre-school children can play some of the easier games themselves and more challenging ones with a 'helper'. Strategy comes into play for the grade school and older kids, inviting them to use their analytical skills and put on their thinking cap in order to play smart in order to win and/or help their team reach their goal. Targeted skills include: fruit and vegetable recognition, visual working memory and focusing abilities, observation and spontaneity skills, counting by pairs, strategic and critical thinking along with healthy competitive and cooperative play.

How do you play Foodles?

Foodles can be used to play card games, as recognition cards for the young ones and in various other activities.  Don't be intimidated by the variety of ways to use these educational cards.  That's what gives them value and makes Foodles such fun. Just start with the easy Farmer's Market game and before you know it, you'll be playing them all!  Instructions are included with each purchase as well as being posted here on the Foodles for Kids website. Click here and let the games begin.

Why don't you offer free shipping like Amazon?

Because we're not Amazon! Foodles is a one woman show, a teeny tiny business offering one product. However, if you're in the Harrison Ohio area and want to make a purchase without paying shipping, send me an email and I'll meet you at the local Kroger store and make an exchange (with social distancing, of course).

Can you guarantee my child will eat broccoli after playing this game?

We hope so!  Foodles will, at the least, raise their awareness of the many wonderful fruits and vegetables available for us to eat and enjoy. And we do guarantee that you and your children will enjoy playing this game or we will refund your money (minus shipping charges) for any card decks returned in their original box and in playing condition.