About Us

                                                                              JAN WOLTERMAN

Jan is a longtime health and wellness advocate who became interested in nutrition when her children were born. Through the years she has created a traveling Soup to Nuts puppet show and published a story/activity book, Treasure Hunt with the Munch Crunch Bunch.   She also authored There's No Such Thing as Coincidence, a book about synchronicity, featured on Oprah.  An avid gardener and accomplished whole food plant based cook, Jan is certified in Healing Touch and volunteers doing spiritual care for hospital and hospice patients.

Wanting to continue to do her part to help her grandson and other children stay healthy in a fun and engaging way, Jan created this fast-paced fruit and vegetable game of Foodles. Her family has enjoyed much laughter from memorable evenings spent playing this game and she hopes yours does too.



 Mary Maass is an award-winning illustrator in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mary really enjoyed bringing all the fruit and vegetable characters to life for this game. Her favorite vegetable is a parsnip, which she puts in homemade soups. And Mary’s favorite fruit is blueberries, which she puts in her mountain high pie. Mary paints with all the colors of the rainbow and she likes to make her dinner plate a yummy palette of different veggie colors!  Visit Mary’s website to learn more about her. Marymaass.com