Foodles Card Game

Fun Food Friends

An engaging card game that transforms play into an important teaching tool. Introduce your children to sixty-seven fun food friends and you'll enjoy a buffet of ways to play Foodles, whether it be in friendly competition to trade or match up cards or working co-operatively to provide clues to guess just what food the 'farmer' is growing. Click below to see the many ways to play Foodles.

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Special Gift

Order your Foodles card game today for only $10.99 (plus shipping) and receive a FREE carrying bag! This adorable, red, burlap jute sack with nylon drawstring is the perfect place to store these fruit and vegetable cards so they are ready to play, night or day. For more tips on helping your child eat healthy click here.

Fruits and Vegetables

Do bananas grow on trees? The answer is found in Foodles, an innovative card game showcasing some of the many different fruits and vegetables grown around the world. To sponsor/underwrite a donation of games to your local Children's Hospital or other children's non profit please email to for wholesale information.

Cute idea for a card game. My kids love all the colorful food characters.

Kathy G.

Playing the various games kept my children's interest - they especially loved grabbing for the apples and playing the Farmer's Market game.

Elizabeth S.

I teach 2nd grade so will use these to help my students learn how food grows and to introduce them to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables grown around the world.

Connie T.

What a clever game!  My kids love playing it and are actually learning how food grows.

Connie T.

Played these for family night and the kids really enjoyed trying to match up the different ways these foods grow. Cute food characters.

Mark D.